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Yardley London

With an impressive history preceding the Fire of London in 1666, Yardley London’s modern incarnation is set to release a fresh male fragrance for 2014.

The men’s range was first introduced in the mid-1960s, and while Twiggy fronted the female part of the brand, Yardley subsequently began sponsoring the BRM Formula 1 team, appealing to the new male consumer group.

The brand’s latest fragrance, Chrome, is a reflection of the ‘London Cool’ synonymous with this time. Inspired by the now iconic mod aesthetic that men began to adopt, the fragrance represents the ‘shift’ in British creativity throughout the 1960s.

Having produced over 150 perfumes since inception, specialising in creating affordable floral scents for both men and women, Chrome is the brand’s first premium male fragrance.

Lavender remains Yardley’s signature ingredient, and is therefore one of Chrome’s heart notes. Alongside it sits touches of coriander seed and spicy rose; the former’s warm, nutty and spicy aroma perfectly complementing the latter.

Top notes (those immediately noticeable on initial application) of galbanum, apple and bergamot give the fragrance a fresh, zingy and zesty feel. Conversely, base notes of fresh moss, clean musk and amber leave the wearer with a warming, honey-like scent.

Sophisticated and masculine, the perfume is fittingly presented in a simple, solid, square glass bottle with a silver hood and monochrome packaging – again referencing its 1960s mod inspiration.

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Yardley London Chrome
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Yardley London Chrome images
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Watch Yardley London Chrome video

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