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Skulls and Monsters

Jan 23, 2012
skulls and monsters
John Uher

Menacing ghouls are transformed into cute, sweet treats with these "cookies" that are made by dipping Rice Krispies Treats into plain and tinted white frosting and decorating with assorted bits of candy.

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Prep Time: 0 hours 20
Total Time: 0 hours 30
box Rice Krispies Treats
can whipped fluffy white frosting
Green and yellow paste or gel food colors*
Chocolate mini M&M’s candies or M&M’s mini baking bits
Chocolate sprinkles (jimmies)
Lime Tic Tacs
1/4 c. semisweet chocolate chips
tub red decorating gel
  1. Shape 4 Krispies Treats into skulls. Place on a wire rack over wax paper. Divide frosting between 2 microwave-safe bowls. Microwave 1 bowl, stirring every 10 seconds, until frosting is pourable. Spoon over skulls to cover. Pour rest into a small ziptop bag; reserve. Put M&M's in place for eyes and noses.
  2. Put remaining Treats on rack. Using food colors, tint frosting in other bowl to match Tic Tacs. Microwave until pourable. Spoon over Treats. Add sprinkles for hair and Tic Tacs for eyelids and bolts. Refrigerate to set.
  3. Cut a tip off corner of ziptop bag; pipe eyes on Monsters. Melt chocolate chips, stirring until smooth. Spoon into another ziptop bag and cut tip off corner; pipe eyes and mouths on Monsters, mouths on Skulls. With red gel, pipe scars on Monsters. Refrigerate until serving.

Video: Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost

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