Runway walking techniques for fashion models


Register today and learn the most basic modeling skills in both print and runway.
Giselle Boone is one of the top runway model coach in the country. Her impeccable
techniques will help you succeed in your quest to become a successful and technical model.
Giselle Boone's model walked the NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2015! 
Here are some of the most amazing instructions that you will receive.
1. How to get the best print photos and how to build your portfolio.
2. Learn the basic facial expressions.
3. Learn the basic poses.
4. How to get a good photographer for both commercial and high fashion.
5. Learn how to build your portfolio.
6. How to "go-see" and audition to modeling agencies.
7. What do you wear in a casting audition.
8. What to say and not to say during a "go-see."
9. Why is your hair and skin preparation very important.
10. Learn the most basic runway modeling skills.
11. How to audition at Fashion Week.
12. What to do with your zed card and how to get one.
13. Print VS. Runway.
runway 14. How to audition to some of the top modeling agencies.
15. What is the Height requirements from some of the top modeling agencies.
and much more.


The winning look requires various elements from wardrobe, hair, makeup, speaking abilities and of course, one element that is a major factor in obtaining the winning look is your walking or runway skills.
Call us to learn the winning walking techniques in pageant, runway modeling and any other occasion or career.
GISELLE BOONE is one of the best and top walking coach in the country. She had traveled all over the United States teaching models, pageant contestants and modeling agencies the walking techniques suited for the career being pursued. She is an entrepreneur, dance champion and had studied the body mechanics and movements along with footwork, muscle functions and more!!! Giselle had trained some of the top State winners, top runway models and stage performers around the country.
Giselle Boone is a popular celebrity red carpet pose coach and runway coach for movies and television. Her previous celebrity clients include the beautiful and talented, Nickelodeon's Sedona Cohen of TV's Henry Danger, Jasper Danger, Shelynne Hoyt, Miss Model of the World 2015 and more!

Here are the following walking elements:
1. Posture in walking
2. Head movements in walking
3. Chest lift and body carriage in walking
4. Shoulder control in walking
5. Isolation in walking
6. Hip Action in Walking
7. Leg Action in walking
8. Footwork in walking
9. Directional in walking
10. Inline in walking
11. Knee movement in walking
12. Control in walking
13. Timing in walking
14. What are the types of modeling.
15. What is the difference between free agent, exclusive and non-exclusive.
16. What is a zed card and where to get one.
17. How to select the best photos for your portfolio.
and much more.

You will need to choose one element or elements in your walking coaching or walking consultation.
This is an hourly lesson. For pricing and walking consultation, call 714-619-1085 or email.

 Learn from one of the best in the business.
 From Beginners Walking 101, Intermediate Walking 102 to Advanced Walking 103.
 Private Lesson to Group Class.
 Open to kids, Teens and Adults.

 Giselle Boone is an amazing runway model walking coach. She has traveled all over
 the United States teaching models the art of runway model walking skills from the
 beginning level to advanced. She has transformed countless numbers of models
 from runway walking techniques for fashion models unknown models to competitive fierce walkers.
 Modeling for ages 6 to 9
 Modeling for ages 10 to 13
 Modeling for ages 14 to 17
 Modeling for ages 18 years old and up!
 Do not go to an audition without calling Giselle. She is one of the best runway coach!!!


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