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Most people are guilty (or unashamed) of “retouching” their profile photos to achieve pore-less and sparkling skin. Removal of eye bags, whitening of the face, removal of dark circles and applying bronzer to the face and nose are some of the popular edits that we are all well aware of. The same is being done with photographs we pine over magazine covers, brochures, editorials and ad pages, especially those promoting fashion and beauty.

I don’t know if these tricks and tweaks are necessary when we become users of really great products in the market that promise to deliver grand results. Can frequent or regular use of these “seemingly magical” products be the key in eliminating the practice of airbrushing or photo-editing? Probably, yes? Or slightly?

There’s nobody I know so far who can prove a positive answer. Despite not having any proof, I still make it a point to keep my skin review biokos 30s fashion hydrated and protected. Seeing real life coming back at us in the form of premature wrinkles, post–high school zits, surprise flab, blemishes and other imperfections made me a bit of a maniac about taking good care of my skin. Let me share with you how much I appreciate Biokos products.

Review of Biokos Eye Shield Treatment and Intensive Brightening Creams

I have been applying the Biokos eye shield treatment on my under-eyes and above the lash line nightly since the day I met Professional Artist Cosmetics (PAC). Like PAC, Biokos is an Indonesian line / brand by Martha Tilaar. The Biokos eye shield treatment with bio-aloe vera extract boasts a patented formula that combines the anti-aging properties of Immortelle flowers with plant-derived active ingredients that help fight signs of aging.

Biokos offers a complete skin care treatment for the age 20s (Pure Balance: with bio-hazel extract for oily skin), 30s (Vital Nutrition: with bio aloe vera extract for dry skin) and 40s (Age Repair: with bio-seaweed extract). The store staff recommended me to get the one for 30s although I’m only 24, when I told her that I have normal skin (not too oily and not too dry). I thought, whatever lor, I just wanted to try it to see if my eye bags and dark under-eyes will disappear.

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It has been a month now, and the eye bags (for once were a source of low self-esteem) are now flat and gone, and so were the puffiness and dark under-eyes. Well, surprise surprise! 😛

Another good thing is that I just consumed a super tiny bit of the cream so I think that this product can last for the next three months. How do I apply the Biokos eye shield treatment? As advised, I pat it evenly and gently around the eye contour area until it gets absorbed by the skin. The brand rep said that it can also be applied before putting on foundation / primer of make-up in the morning.

Along with the Biokos eye shield treatment, I have also started to use Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Day Cream SPF 25 and Intensive Brightening Night Cream — both of which also slow down the appearance of aging. Application area includes the face, bottom-up, to the neck towards the jaws. The consistency of the creams is rich and smooth, watery and not sticky. It does not leave a greasy feeling or make the skin look shiny.

Wrap Up

It’s not every day that beauty products excite me in such a way that I feel possessed to tell everyone about it. That’s precisely what’s happening now. I love Biokos products because aside from the fact that they are effective (in my case), all ingredients are organic. They are plant-based (not obtained from chemicals), dermatologically safe (not tested on animals) and they smell great and go on lightweight!

I use Biokos not to attain “computer-generated perfection” because it’s not “Photoshop in can” that I have here — but to feel excited about the thought of waking each day knowing that I’m doing my part in taking care of my skin without feeling guilty. 😀

To know more, you can check out Biokos website or visit the Biokos Philippines Facebook Page and Bioko Philippines Twitter Account.

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