Dirty dozen vegetables 2019 uk fashion

Updated 2018 to the latest lists – next update is April 2019 dirty dozen vegetables 2019 uk fashion when fashion the spring report comes out!

Know when to buy organic with these FREE Clean and Dirty Grocery lists!
Immediate Download Links below!

FREE Dirty Dozen - Clean 15 : Fruit & Veggie ChartsFree Dirty/Clean charts!  Each year the puts out a list of which fruits and veggies are “dirty” and “clean”so you know when to buy organic, which need peeling,etc.!

The EWG creates two lists: the Dirty Dozen are the foods with the highest level of pesticides while the Clean Fifteen have the least amount of pesticides. This enables us to choose when to buy organic or not, to eat as “clean” as possible by shopping for fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides. Here are the lists for clean and dirty veggies from 2018, you can save to your iBooks on your phone or print and post on the frig!  As soon as 2019 lists come out we will update these.

Download either pink or blue (same list, different colors) or both by clicking on the ribbons below!!
Free Modern Blue Clean 15 Chart Free Antique Pink Clean 15 Chart

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