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I have been a WW2 history lover for many years. My passion for the history of the worst war in human mankind came dicas de moda outono invierno 2019 nba from my adoration for my uncle who, during the war, was heavily involved in the African and Italian campaigns with the British X Army. He had be stationed, amongst many other Italian places, in Capua, Casino and also Frosinone, just few miles away from Venafro, where the Winterline museum is located. Its location is wonderful by itself as it is housed in an old mansion right in the middle of the medieval centre of this beautiful town.

The Winterline is the name it was given by the Americans to the German defence line running South of Cassino and South of the famous Gustaf line which ran through the famous monastery. Luciano Bucci, curator of the museum, which is run by himself and some of his friends, all of them local boys brought up in the area who preferred to explore the local mountains, picking up objects left during the war since age13, than anything else at the time. All of them have continued to do so until today. 90% of all objects in the museum have been collected from the local area. These will include original uniforms wore by Americans, British, French and Germans, original weapons including machine guns, riffles and pistols, medals, mortar bombs, grenades, reproduction bunkers and foxholes but with authentic equipment, medals, everyday utensils like water canteens, cutlery including very simple thinks like small Nescafe small tins carried by the American soldiers or Nivea cream by the Germans.

One of the most unique characteristics of the museum is the fact that you will need to contact Luciano directly (contact details on the Winterline museum website) to have access to the museum which you should do in advanced. Otherwise the museum opens once per week on Sundays pm. Luciano or one of his close friends will show you the museum demonstrating their amazing knowledge of the local history during the War. They do this on an individual basis even if only one person is visiting and they will be giving you all kind of information for up to two hours. There is no fee for the museum visit but in view of the quality of what you see and the personal touch from the curators no one should leave the premises without giving a generous donation as the museum can only be run with the help of visitors generosity.

Luciano and his friends have helped many veterans throughout the years to find those place where they battled, lost close friends or where they were wounded. They have also found the remains of five soldiers: two Americans, two Germans and one French. The soldiers families and countries embassies have been extremely grateful to Luciano and his close friends for their unique help. He has even had the gratitude from the American Congress in Washington for his help with many ex-forces men including members of the First Special Service American Canadian, regiment who were very much like the current British SAS and who were heavily involved in one of the most difficult battles in the Italian Campaign, the battle of Monte La Difensa.

I can only express my deepest gratitude to Luciano for his amazing commitment to history and for allowing to understand much better my uncle's life as a soldier fighting for the freedom of all of us during WW2. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the area, please do not miss visiting the museum....and please be generous as it will only survive with your help.

Charles Avery, Cardiology Specialty Doctor, UK

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